POGO - Spring 2023

POGO-511-DL1: Intro Data Analysis: Statistical Methods for Policy Analysis
Instructor: Anh Pham

POGO-550-002: U.S. Energy Policy
Instructor: Joel Hicks

POGO-646-002: Policy and Program Evaluation
Instructor: Katrin Anacker

POGO-741-DL1: Cyber Conflict and International Security
Instructor: Brian Mazanec

POGO-750-001: Civil Wars and Stabilization in Africa
Instructor: Philip Martin

POGO-750-002: Ethical Challenges in Public Policy
Instructor: Robert Deitz

POGO-750-008: International Development Projects in Practice
Instructor: J.P. Singh

POGO-750-009: Revolutions and Social Protest
Instructor: Jack Goldstone

POGO-750-011: Gender in the Policy Context
Instructor: Bonnie Stabile

POGO-750-012: Theories of the State
Instructor: Mariely Lopez-Santana

POGO-750-013: Policy and Law: The Legal Framework of National Security
Instructor: Andrew McCabe

POGO-750-014: Advanced Macroeconomic and Econometric Analyses for Public Policy Research
Instructor: Maurice Kugler

POGO-750-015: Higher Education Policy
Instructor: Anne Holton

POGO-750-019: Transportation and Land Use
Instructor: Edmund Zolnik

POGO-750-DL1: School Reform in the US: Politics and Policies
Instructor: David Houston

POGO-750-DL2: Managing Large Government Crisis 
Instructor: James Olds

POGO-750-DL3: Teacher Development and Education Policy
Instructor: Matthew Steinberg

POGO-750-DL4: Social Science Research and Education Policy
Instructor: Matthew Steinberg

POGO-750-DL5: Dangers of Technology: AI and Beyond
Instructor: Stephen Ruth

POGO-750-DL7: Social Media, Privacy and Innovation
Instructor: Siona Robin Listokin-Smith

POGO-750-DL8: China and the U.S.
Instructor: Hilton Root

POGO-750-DL9: Education Policy: Process, Context, and Politics
Instructor: David Houston

POGO-794-001: Internship: Professional Development
Instructor: Robert Deitz