Regional Expertise - Latin America

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  • Photo of Jo-Marie Burt

    Associate Professor

    Areas of Research: Comparative Politics, Conflict Studies, Democratization, Gender, Latin America, Historical Memory, Human Rights, Qualitative Methods, State-Society Relations, Transitional Justice
  • Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera wearing a beige blazer and smiling.


    Areas of Research: Mexico-U.S. Relations, Latin American Politics, Organized Crime, Immigration, Border Security, Human Trafficking, Latin America, Comparative Politics, Gender, International Migration, International Security, Qualitative Methods, Democratization, Energy Policy, Security Policy
  • Photo of Maurice Kugler
    Areas of Research: Economic Growth, International Economic Development, Human Capital, Foreign Direct Investment, International Trade and Global Labor Markets.
  • Photo of Kenneth A. Reinert

    Professor of Public Policy; Director, Global Commerce and Policy Program

    Areas of Research: Economic Development, Economic Policy, International Development, International Economics, Latin America, Microeconomics, Political Economy, Trade Policy, Applied Trade Policy Analysis, Globalization, Basic Goods Provision