Faculty Directory: P - R

P - R

  • Portrait of Steven Pearlstein

    Robinson Professor of Public Affairs

    Areas of Research: Economic Principles, Political Economy, Economic Policy, Morality of Modern Capitalism
  • Photo of Anh Pham

    Associate Professor

    Areas of Research: Taxation, Public Economics, Development Economics
  • Photo of David Ramadan

    Professor of Practice in Affiliation with the Schar School of Policy and Government

    A seasoned executive and international consultant with more than 25 years of advocacy, business, and government relations experience, David Ramadan served two terms in the Virginia House of Delegates (2012-16). His finesse for cultivating relationships and working across the aisle has enabled him to advise political candidates for president, governor, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House. 
  • Photo of David Rehr

    Professor of Public Policy

    David Rehr is a professor and director of the Center for Business Civic Engagement (cbce.gmu.edu) and cofounder of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Initiative in the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. He teaches Advocacy, Nonprofit Leadership, and Understanding Special Interest Groups, and lectures on how technology can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the public sector.
  • Photo of Kenneth A. Reinert

    Professor of Public Policy; Director, Global Commerce and Policy Program

    Areas of Research: Economic Development, Economic Policy, International Development, International Economics, Latin America, Microeconomics, Political Economy, Trade Policy, Applied Trade Policy Analysis, Globalization, Basic Goods Provision
  • Photo of Mason Square

    Assistant Professor

    Areas of Research: U.S. Politics and Legal Studies, Social Policy, Regional Expertise – United States
  • J. Luis Rodriguez

    Assistant Professor

    Areas of Research: Global South; Global Governance and International Order; International Security; International Law; Nuclear arms control, nonproliferation, deterrence, and disarmament; Humanitarian crises, interventions, and law; Cyber governance and emerging technologies
  • Photo of Hilton L. Root

    Professor of Public Policy

    Areas of Research: China, Complex Systems, Economic History, International Economic Development, International Economic Policy, International Relations, Institutions, Political Economy, South Asia U.S. Global Engagement
  • Photo of Mark J. Rozell

    Dean, Schar School of Policy and Government

    Areas of Research: Elections, Federalism/State and Local Government, Public Law, U.S. Politics, Presidency, Religion and Politics, Separation of Powers (U.S.)
  • Photo 0f Stephen Ruth


    Areas of Research: Carceral Studies--Introducing Tablets and Imbedded Instruction in Jails and Prisons, Learning Technology Interventions in Postsecondary Education, Public Policy and Abrahamic Faith Traditions, Science and Technology, Social Policy