PhD in Political Science Resources for Comprehensive Exams

At the conclusion of their course work, students will take a written Comprehensive Examination in their two primary fields of specialization. This exam will be based on the student’s course work and on the reading list prepared for each field. The exam must be completed before the student takes dissertation proposal or dissertation guidance courses.

An overview of the comprehensive exam procedures can be found here.

Reading Lists for the PhD in Political Science Fields

Reading List for American Politics
Reading List for Comparative Politics
Reading List for International Relations
Reading List for Public Administration
Comprehensive Exam Overview

PhD in Political Science Recent Comprehensive Exams

American Comprehensive Exams
American Winter 2022
American Summer 2022
American Summer 2021
American Summer 2020
American Winter 2020
American Spring 2020
American Spring 2019
American Winter 2019
American Spring 2017
American Winter 2017
American Spring 2016
American Winter 2016
American Spring 2015
American Summer 2014
American Summer 2013

Comparative Politics Comprehensive Exams
Comparative Winter 2023
Comparative Summer 2022
Comparative Summer 2021
Comparative Summer 2020
Comparative Winter 2020
Comparative Spring 2020
Comparative Spring 2019
Comparative Winter 2019
Comparative Winter 2018
Comparative Spring 2018
Comparative Spring 2017
Comparative Winter 2017
Comparative Spring 2016
Comparative Spring 2015
Comparative Winter 2015
Comparative Summer 2013
Comparative Spring 2013

International Relations Comprehensive Exams
IR Winter 2023
IR Summer 2022
IR Winter 2022
IR Summer 2021
IR Winter 2021
IR Summer 2020
IR Winter 2020
IR Spring 2020
IR Spring 2019
IR Winter 2019
IR Spring 2018
IR Spring 2017
IR Winter 2017
IR Spring 2016
IR Winter 2016
IR Spring 2015
IR Summer 2014
IR Fall 2013
IR Spring 2013

Public Administration Comprehensive Exams
Public Administration Winter 2023
Public Administration Winter 2018
Public Administration Spring 2018
Public Administration Spring 2017
Public Administration Winter 2017
Public Administration Spring 2016
Public Administration Spring 2015
Public Administration 2014
Public Administration Summer 2013
Public Administration Spring 2013