Basic Math Refresher Tutorial

The purpose of this Basic Math Refresher is to review basic math concepts that will be useful to you throughout your program. The material in this tutorial is particularly important for students enrolled in POGO 511: Introductory Data Analysis for Policy and Government. However, all students are encouraged to complete the tutorial and will find this knowledge useful for their coursework.

For some students, this Basic Math Refresher will be rudimentary. Other students may need to spend more time reviewing the material and working through problems. Students may complete the tutorial as many times as they need to. Each student taking POGO 511 should continue to review the material until they score better than 85% on each assessment.

The Basic Math Refresher covers the following topics: I) Fractions and Decimals, II) Percents; III) Exponents and Radicals; IV) Order of Arithmetic Operations; V) Basic Algebra and VI) Basic Coordinate Geometry.

It is recommended that students print off the Basic Math Refresher Tutorial to review before taking the assessment.


Section 1: Fractions and Decimals
Section 2: Percents
Section 3: Exponents and Radicals
Section 4: Order of Arithmetic Operations
Section 5: Basic Algebra
Section 6: Basic Coordinate Geometry

Assessment Questions:

Fractions and Decimals
Exponents and Radicals
Order of Arithmetic Operations
Basic Algebra
Basic Coordinate Geometry

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