Executive Education: Program Areas

Our customized Executive Education programs are a powerful way to transform your organization and to realize and achieve your strategic objectives. We provide the actionable, relevant learning experiences you need—when, how, and where you want them—using the latest in education technologies.

By using case studies from leading universities and innovative training methods, we provide a wide range of training programs based on customer requirements. Our executive education and development programs are customizable and can be designed to fit your specific needs and interests.

A sample of program options are below:

  • Government Management and Public Policy
  • Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  • Public Health Services and Health Care Management
  • Government Auditing and Management
  • Business Management and Leadership
  • Personal Leadership and Career Development
  • Biodefence and Global Health and Security
  • Emergency Management and Homeland Security 
  • National Security and Public Policy
  • International Trade
  • Economic Development
  • Financial Management and Global Marketing
  • Technology Innovation
  • Legal and Law
  • Copyrights and Intellectual Property
  • Environment, Energy Sustainability
  • Engineering, Network Security and IT
  • Transnational Crime and Prevention 
  • Think Tank Research and Development

If you are interested in viewing a sample schedule for one of the below executive education categories, please contact director Sisi Jou at ExecEd@gmu.edu or (703) 993-3365.