Master's in Public Administration Faculty

Mirae Kim, PhD, is the MPA Director. She teaches and does research on nonprofit management, nonprofit finances, nonprofit-government relations, and research methods.

Alan Abramson, PhD, is Director of the Center for Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy, and Policy. He does research on nonprofit-government relations, hybrid social enterprise organizations, and social entrepreneurship. 

James Burroughs, JD, teaches and has research interests in the areas of administrative law, public administration, organization theory, and ethics.

James K. Conant, PhD, teaches and does research on public administration, public budgeting, state politics and government, environmental policy and management, homeland security, and ethics.

John Marvel, PhD, teaches and does research on public management, organization theory, research methods, and public opinion of government performance. 

Priscilla Regan, PhD, teaches and does research on public administration, public policy, information technology and policy, digital government, privacy policy, and ethics. 

Bonnie Stabile, PhD, Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs. She teaches policy analysis, evaluation, and ethics, and does research with a gender focus.

Jessica Terman, PhD, teaches and conducts research on governments’ use of contractors, third-party governance, federalism and research methods. 

Stefan Toepler, PhD, teaches nonprofit management in both domestic and international contexts, law and governance, global civil society, grant-making foundations and cultural policy.

Fengxiu Zhang, PhD, teaches public management, organization theory and behavior,  and policy making process.  She does research on extreme events, climate change adaptation and technology on government.


In addition to the nucleus faculty listed above, some 50 – 70 other full-time and part-time faculty members offer courses that are available to MPA students.  Click here for the complete Schar faculty directory. 

MPA Faculty Handbook