POGO - Fall 2021

POGO-511-002: Intro Data Analysis: Policy and Government
Instructor: David Muhlhausen

POGO-511-005: Introduction to Data Analysis for PhD Students
Instructor: John Earle

POGO-550-DL4: Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights
Instructor: Rachel Lewis

POGO-550-003: GMU-Veterans Administration (VA) Capstone Program for Health Equity Research
Instructors: Naoru Koizumi; Ali Andalibi; Megumi Inoue; Ernest Moy

POGO-611-DL2: Advanced Data Analysis for Policy & Government
Instructor: Naoru Koizumi

POGO-646-001: Policy and Program Evaluation
Instructor: Katrin Anacker

POGO-646-002: Policy and Program Evaluation
Instructor: Katrin Anacker

POGO-730-001:Global Economic and Human Development
Instructor: Kenneth Reinert

POGO-732-001: Strategic Trade Controls
Instructor: Andrea Viski

POGO-750-DL6: Intelligence & the Presidency
Instructor: David Priess

POGO-750-DL7: Geopolitics of Energy Security
Instructor: Richard Kauzlarich

POGO-750-DL8: Current Issues in East Asia
Instructor: Gerrit van der Wees

POGO-750-D16: Theories of the State
Instructor: Mariely Lopez-Santana

POGO-750-004: Population Policies
Instructor: John May

POGO-750-005: Foreign Intelligence in a Free Society
Instructor: Robert Deitz

POGO-750-012: Behavioral Health Policies
Instructor: Faye Taxman

POGO-750-014: Voting Rights Policymaking
Instructor: Michael Fauntroy

POGO-750-015: immigration Policy and Politics
Instructor: Justin Gest

POGO-750-016: Disinformation and Policy Responses
Instructor: J.D. Maddox

POGO-794-001: Internship: Professional Development
Instructor: Robert Deitz