Requesting a Withdrawal

Consider these factors first:

After the last day to drop a class, withdrawing from any class requires the approval of the dean and is only allowed for nonacademic reasons.

For a non-academic reason (examples: a family or medical emergency), to submit a withdrawal request for consideration, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the student request form found here.
  2. Provide a written, detailed explanation of why your withdrawal request has been made after the published deadlines and with extenuating circumstances
  3. Attach formal documentation supporting your reason

Please note that non-academic withdrawals are typically allowed only for full semesters at a time, i.e., students must withdraw from all courses. However, exceptional circumstances may be considered. For example, requests due to special medical conditions or other situations must be supported with documentation. The documentation must show why the condition or situation has affected single course(s) specifically instead of a full semester withdrawal.

Scan and email your attachments to Dr. Ludwick by email: