Undergraduate Grade Appeal Process

Although in most cases, the individual faculty member is the best judge of student performance, there may be instances in which a student believes a grade or other evaluation has been assigned unfairly. In such cases, the student may ask the professor or faculty member(s) concerned to reconsider the grade; this should be done in a formal meeting with the faculty member and student. If the student is not satisfied after this meeting, a request for review may be made to the Dean of the Schar School of Policy and Government for Schar courses only. This request must be in writing and must be submitted prior to the last day of classes of the next regular session, excluding summer. For courses in other disciplines, please refer to the appropriate Mason academic unit.

  1. Complete the student academic request form found here.
  2. Attach a formal, typed grade appeal request letter. Include a written narrative detailing the circumstances of the appeal, as well as any documentation such as attempt(s) at communication with instructor, course syllabus, student transcript showing the current grade, course papers, any other relevant documentation.
  3. Submit the packet to the attention of Dr. Ann Ludwick, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs. Packet accepted by scan/email to aludwick@gmu.edu.

The Dean will review the appeal and make one of three decisions:

  1. The appeal has no merit and the instructor-assigned grade will stand; or
  2. The Dean agrees with the appeal and instructs that the grade be changed; or
  3. The Dean constitutes a committee to advise him in rendering his decision. This committee will review the appeal and may collect such evidence as it deems necessary. This may or may not include interviews with the student and/or instructor. The committee may recommend that the grade not be changed, be raised or be lowered.

If the Dean asks a committee to review the appeal, the committee makes a recommendation to the Dean. The Dean may choose to accept or reject the committee's recommendation. The decision of the Dean is not subject to further appeal.